The Advanced Spin-x Swimsuit Dryer

Why pay $1,400 for a Bathing Suit dryer, when you can buy a Stainless Steel one for only $599.95.

The SPIN-X Swimsuit Dryer can be turned “Off” and “On” with ease. The unit starts up slowly, allowing the contents to smoothly settle for the higher speed build-up. There is no danger of any damage to the contents. Fine washable silks can be placed in the unit without any damage.

Unlike other swimsuit dryers, the SPIN-X Swimsuit dryer does not have a high torque motor. The high torque motor used in other swimsuit dryers, starts off in an abrupt high speed, throwing the contents of the dryer, hard against the spinning cylinder. This can, in some instances, cause damage to the contents.

The SPIN-X Swimsuit Dryer, has a gradual start and within 35 seconds reaches its top speed of 3,300 RPM.This high speed is not reached immediately like other swimsuit dryers. The gradual increase of speed, allows the contents to firmly seat and not move once the unit starts into higher speeds. The contents will not be damaged because of speed, since they don’t move around at all in the spinning cylinder.

The fact that the unit is Stainless Steel, improves the structural design as well as the life expectancy of the unit.

Some folks are also using Spin-x to quick dry divers wet suits.

Beware of imitators and Cheap alternatives.

The cost of this Stainless Steel Centrifuge is $599.95, fob Houston, Texas. Shipping in the USA is $64.95. Canada by Priority Air $599.95 + $119.95 .

Call 1-800-620-9780 to order.